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often you face trouble in Bigpond account login process, it is due to the password of that account. If you are sure enough that you have entered absolutely correct username then the password is the culprit. Usually, the problem in password arises when you have recently changed it by receiving the notification. But now while login, you are unable to remember the exactly changed password. In that situation, the best way to sort out the issue is by taking the help of Bigpond email customer service team. The executives of the team guide you through each step of recovery which will make the process simple for you.

Bigpond Email Customer Service

Why there is a need to recover password?

  1. Most of the time you have to recover the password as you have forgotten it. You may know that you have to remember the password but at a certain point of time, you may get confused between different passwords. Sometimes you forget the currently changed password but remember all the past ones. In that situation, the Bigpond email support team helps you to recover the password.
  2. Another common reason that you have to change the password is that you might have reset the password when you got a notification for doing so. Later on, when you went to login in the account you found that you have forgotten the password instead you remember the last password. In that situation, you can follow steps by which will allow you to access the account by using the last password. If you don’t know the steps or you need any help in it then you can take it from Bigpond email customer service.
  3. When you find something unusual in your account then that is an indication that your account has been hacked. Once hacked, the hacker has a complete opportunity to misuse the details present in the account. Thus, there comes the need to reset the password as early as possible. This is for preventing the misuse of the data of the account. You will again need help for recovering back the account.
  4. In such case when you have multiple accounts you will have to face Bigpond email login problem as you may get confused between different password. There is always a possibility that you forget the password of one account or get confused with other account passwords of multiple accounts. In that situation, you should immediately take the help of the support team. The technicians present there will guide you through the steps of recovering the password and again accessing the account without any hindrance.

How to recover password?

There are mainly four ways of recovering back the password of the account. You have to ensure that you follow each step accurately.

  • Through the link present in the account: This method is applicable only when you are already logged in the account. In the account page, you will find a link which states reset the password. You have to click on that and proceed with the steps as mentioned there. If you find that you are logged out or your session has expired, then you will have to proceed towards others for accomplishing the recovery. You can take the help of Bigpond email customer service team if you have difficulty in getting back the password.
  • Through SMS: You can recover through SMS of the recovery steps you will receive on the mobile number already linked to the account. If the account is not linked, then you have to go for other steps of recovery. If you receive the steps by SMS, then you have simply followed them.
  • Through secondary email address: You can easily reset the password of the account by using the secondary email address. Again you have to ensure that the email address is already linked to the account. Once you are able to receive the recovery steps you have to follow the steps. You can even dial Bigpond email helpline number for availing help of technicians who would help you.
  • Through security question: Various methods are there. But answering the pre-set security questions is the safest way of recovering back the password. But for that, you have to ensure that you have set the security questions beforehand. If you forget the answers to the questions, simply skip the step and contact the support team for help.

You may need help in midnight for recovering password because it may be urgent for you to access your account. Along with that password is a very sensitive issue that must be handled as early as possible. Bigpond email customer service technicians are well trained in the process so they recover the password without much delay.