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In the past decade, email services have become a vital mode of communication. Today, we are highly dependent on email services for communicating across the world. Among multiple brands in the world, Bigpond email is one of the most known brands. In the absence of email services, communication process would come to a halt. So, whenever there is any issue with the email account, there is a need of the Bigpond email support team for overcoming all the issues within a stipulated time period.

Bigpond Email support

What are the common problems?

  1. Issue in signing: There are various factors that may prevent you from signing up the Bigpond account. One of the major cause is that you have entered wrong login details in the login page. So, whenever you have such an issue you must first check that you are entering proper details. Another possible cause of the Bigpond email login problem is that your account has been closed. This happens when you left your account inactive for a long period of time.
  2. An issue in sending emails: You get bounced back emails whenever you are prevented from sending emails. In case you find that you get bounced email, then you have to check that email. Usually, it contains the reason of the problem. In order to understand the case properly, you have to take the help of the Bigpond email support team.
  3. Missing emails: Sometimes, you check the inbox and find that there are one or more email messages missing. Then that is troublesome. If you know that you have received some emails that you were never expecting, then you should immediately rush for seeking help from the Bigpond email support experts by dialing Bigpond email helpline number. They will find out the matter of the cause and solve it completely.
  4.  Errors in disk quota: Suppose you open the inbox of the account find that it is loading slowly or you find that you are having a problem while sending or receiving emails, then that is the problem of disk quota. These issues arise because the disk quota exceeded error. The size problem of the mailbox generally causes this kind of issue.
  5. An issue with password: If you are using the Bigpond account and have an issue in the password the that is because you have either forgotten it or the hacker has changed it. For recovering the password and again accessing the account without hindrance you have to take the help of a Bigpond email support.
  6. Issue of hacked account: Anytime in the duration of using the Bigpond email accounts if you find anything suspicious then that implies that the account has been hacked. To recover it becomes a quite sensitive situation.

What are the solutions?

  • Whenever you have a login problem, then you have to first analyze the causes. In order to find out the causes of the issue, you have to avail the help of the support. One possible cause is the wrong details. Another one is a poor internet connection. That means if you don’t have a proper internet connection, then you will be prevented from accessing the account. Thus, whenever you have login problem you should firstly check the connection. Sometimes, you may have a problem because the browser used for login doesn’t support Bigpond. In such a situation changing the browser is the only solution for resolving the complete mess.
  • If you have to solve the problem in sending emails you have to find out the reasons behind it. Some of the causes of the problem are like the server which you are sending emails has a poor reputation or there is a possibility that your mail server is in the recipient blocklist or doesn’t exist. You have to avail the help of Bigpond email customer service team if you have difficulty in finding the causes of the issue in sending emails.
  • Often you find that there is any suspicious activity in your account. Some of the symptoms indicate that your account got hacked means some of your emails get missed. If you are in such a situation, then without delay you should contact the support team. As hacking is a dangerous situation as all your data might get misused. You should even reset the password so that the hacker is unable to access your account.

If you have forgotten Bigpond account password, you have to recover it by following the steps of recovery. You must use a secondary email address or the phone number, already linked to the account, to get back the password. You may need the help of the Bigpond email support team if you don’t have any of these details linked to the account. The expert technicians will help you to get back your password.