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Optus is a telecommunication company. It is one of the largest telecommunications business in Australia. It is wholly owned by the Singaporean business Singtel. The business has its website online. Optus mails are used for common users, for business purposes as well as for enterprises. Visit the website of Optus and there the email user can check “My Account”, “Member Services”, “Webmail”, “Optus Perks Login”, “Yes Crowd Login”. The Optus Webmail interface is attractive. The users can use the webmail from their MAC/PC, they can use it from their mobile devices, tablet phones. There are two types of login to Optus webmail and they are the standard and the secure. If you face any type of issue while login to Optus webmail then you can seek Optus email help online.

Optus Support

Optus Support

Types of Optus Mails-

Following are some of the important types of Optus mails:-

My Account

If you want to login to your Optus My Account then you require to input your login credentials. Login credentials imply email address, password. As an email user, you can forget either the email or the password or both email and password. If you forgot your email address then you can click on the “forgot your email?” link. You will be redirected to the email recovery section. You need to input your mobile number or account number. If you have forgotten your account number then you can click on the link “Forgot your account number?”. If you forget your account number then you need some personalized assistance. Use the live chat or call the customer care number to avail 24×7 Optus email help.

If you forget your password then you are left with the option to reset the password. You require to input the email that you use to login to your Optus My Account. Simultaneously you require to input your date of birth. On entering these the email user receives a password reset link in his or her email. The email user can use the password reset link to reset the password. Password resetting is a simple process. The email user requires to create a password that is strong and unique. Strong and unique passwords are difficult to hack by the hacker community.

Member Services

If you are new to Optus mail services then you require to register first. While registering with Member Services you need to explicitly mention your choice regarding username and password. The Optus email user requires using the Optus mailing credentials for login purposes. If you have forgotten the username or password then get in touch with the Optus phone number for Optus email help.

Optus Webmail

The online webmail service allows users of Optus webmail to compose emails, send or receive emails, create drafts, filter spam emails, store data online. Signing in to your Optus webmail needs login credentials like the username and the password. While signing in yo-the email user needs to specify the mode for login. In this context, there are two modes of login, standard and secure. If you find issues while using the Optus webmail then seek Optus email help online.

Optus Perks

If you are a movie freak, like to watch movies online then Optus Perks account you should be having. Not just access to online movies, Optus Perks are useful to provide tickets to big events, the account is also used to offer entertainment rewards.

To login to the Optus Perks, one needs to input login credentials like the username/email address and the password. In this context, the email user can forget the username/email address or password. If the email user forgets username/email address then that person can click on the “Forgot Username”. The email user requires to enter the username or the phone number, secondly, the email user requires to enter the surname. In the third step, the details are confirmed. The email users can retrieve the email address or the username. If the email user forgets the password then he or she needs to enter the username or the phone number, secondly enter email and this helps to confirm the user details. Upon confirmation, the user can reset the password. The password reset process is simple and it leads to the creation of unique and strong passwords.

This blog helps us to understand the various types of Optus mails. If you are an Optus email user and facing mail issues then you can use the Optus toll-free number and avail Optus email help. In this context, it is relevant to mention that the Optus customer service is available 24×7 and the Optus email users can avail customer support using the Optus customer support number.

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