Optus email toll-free number- 1-800-958-238

It is very hard to predict any problem regarding email account. That’s why users must be prepared to face any type of issue regarding their email account. When it is Optus email service people have to take instant help from experts as it is the most useful email account to them. Optus email users can use Optus email toll-free numbers whenever they face login issues in different devices. Through this number, users will get short cut expert solutions to fix the login problem. Users can feel free to use this helpline number. Optus email users can use this number if feel threatens regarding account security-related issue. But with this number they can consult with the experts easily.

Optus Email Toll-free Number


Solving login issue in windows

Check out how the Optus email login problem in windows can be solved through Optus email toll-free number.

  • Optus users need to visit the official Optus site.
  • Then, they need to navigate their services
  • After that, users need to select the services.
  • Next, users need to choose the ‘’settings’’ option.
  • After that, users need to select ‘’go to my Optus email accounts’’ option.
  • Then, users need to click the‘’ manage account’’ option.
  • After that, users need to click the ‘’generate password’ option.
  • After following some onscreen instructions, users will receive a new password for their Optus email account. And it will be done finally.

The solving accessing issue in iOS

Check out how quickly Optus login issue in the iOS device can be solved if users keep consulting with the experts through Optus email toll-free number.

  • According to expert advice, Optus users need to press the ‘Home’ button.
  • After that, users need to tap on the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Next, users need to tap on the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ option.
  • Then, users need to tap on the ‘Add Account.’ option.
  • Then, Optus experts advice through Optus customer support phone number to choose their email account type by tapping on ‘’Select your email account type’’ option.
  • As per expert advice, users need to tap on the ‘Other’ option for Optus email.
  • Then, users need to enter their name so that it appears on outgoing emails in the ‘Name’ field. Finally uses will have correct Optus email set up in their iOS device.

Guiding through Optus email toll-free number while creating an account

It is necessary as sometimes due to incorrect account creating methods, people face login issues. To avoid this issue, users can take guidance from the experts quickly through Optus email toll-free number and they need to visit the Optus website. Then they need to visit ‘My Account ‘.Then they need to login to their’ My Accountoption. Then users need to go the dashboard and they need to scroll down. They need to click on their username to expand and they need to click on Settings (this option is located on the right-hand side). After that, users need to ‘Click Manage’ option and next and then they need to click the ‘Add email account’ option. Then, they need to fill the page (full name, username, and password) > press ‘ok’ option. Optus experts are always available through this helpline number.

Giving account security tips from experts

Optus email toll-free number works well if the users seek account security advice from the experts.

  • If users have a limited budget then through Optus customer support phone number, users can share their problems and ask for negotiation.
  • Optus users should not change the password too frequently. If they do so, they must note it down privately.
  • Optus users also need to keep an eye while leaving the public computer after using it. They must logout from their Optus account. Sometimes, experts put a restriction on using public wi-fi. If using public wi fi is necessary for the users then they should use antivirus.
  • If users are experiencing a hacking issue then through this number they can get instant solutions from Optus experts. Example- change the account settings, questions answer, etc.
  • According to Optus experts, users need to access their accounts daily basis. If they find any abnormal activities in an account, then through this number they can consult with the experts and can change the password immediately.
  • Through Optus customer support phone number, experts advise that how to take care of account security. According to them, users need to create a strong password and also add some special characters.
  • If needed, users can turn on firewall protection. It will prevent the virus and other harmful websites. Through this helpline number, users can consult with the experts easily about the procedure.

Users should feel free to dial Optus email toll-free number whenever they need technical assistance on an urgent basis. Optus Technical support experts never delay in responding through this helpline number. Users can make unlimited calls as it is a toll-free helpline number. Optus experts provide several customized service package based on users’ requirements. They always maintain service quality.

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